Atlantic House is proud to partner with Wavehunters offering guests a wide range of surf equipment to hire all year round from their base on Polzeath beach.

Wavehunters has been teaching the sport they are passionate about since 2002. They know one important fact that stands out is everyone learns to surf differently. So, whether you choose a one-to-one, a group lesson or a course, experienced surf coaches will tailor their instruction to your individual needs. Wavehunters knows that everyone should share in the joy of riding waves and they call it “surf stoke”.

Whether you’re feeling the exhilarating power of the waves beneath your feet for the first time or the fiftieth time, or exploring the beautiful, marine-life rich waters by boat, or enjoying a moment of serenity on a stand up paddleboard, you’re in good hands with Wavehunters.

Polzeath Beach Surf School

The Wavehunters surf school is situated on Polzeath Beach, one of the safest and most reliable surf spots in Cornwall.

We teach surfing for all abilities. If you’ve never tried it before and are keen to take the first leap to your feet or you’re looking to master a manoeuvre or perfect your style, we can help.

We run two-hour group lessons at 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm every day, led by our experienced and friendly instructors. Our professional photographers will be on-hand to capture your surfing triumphs.

Because you are staying at Atlantic House, all your equipment is included with the lesson and you can use your Atlantic House voucher code for a discount on all lessons.

Paddle, paddle, pop-up and away!
If you’ve never surfed before, we’ll teach you all you need to know to get you paddling, popping up to your feet and riding waves.

Our experienced instructors will start with the basics on the beach: surf safety, the features of the board and how it works, how to catch a wave and the technique of ‘popping up’ to your feet. Then you’re ready to get wet! In the water, you’ll always be under the watchful eye of our team, and we’ll have you riding the whitewater waves and controlling the board in no time. We’ll work to find the best methods for you, so that we can get you up on your feet by the end of the lesson. Expect wipeouts along the way… they’re half the fun!

In control and filled with potential
This group focuses on mastering good surf safety awareness and wave selection, perfecting your pop-ups and your board control so you can progress your surfing to the next level.

We’ll stick largely to the whitewater, but we’ll get you catching waves independently and standing up on the majority of them, and we’ll help you to master your stance and control your speed and direction. Our aim is to enable you perfect your “trim” turns, so that you can turn your board easily in both directions. And then you’ll be well on your way to becoming a surf icon.

Stepping up to the next level
This group is for you if you can surf unsupervised, if you are comfortable with paddling through the whitewater to catch unbroken waves “out the back” and you can stand up on the majority of them. If the surf is pumping, we’ll get you tackling some solid, shoulder-high waves. Are you in?

These lessons will help you to enhance your style and control on the waves – and maximize your enjoyment! We’ll teach you to effectively turn left and right, which will increase your speed. If you can already turn both ways, then we’ll focus on perfecting your body position so that you are drawing proper bottom turns. We’ll make sure you know surf etiquette too, so that when we’re done with you you’re all set to go solo out there.